Mini-Scout-Mount ™ Installation Instructions For the U.S. M1-Carbine

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  • ALWAYS Treat ALL guns as if they are LOADED.
  • NEVER let the muzzle point at anything you are not willing to destroy.
  • KEEP your finger OFF the trigger.
  • REMOVE the magazine. PULL the operating rod completely to the REAR and CHECK the chamber.
  • CYCLE the operating rod several times and CHECK the chamber AGAIN.
  • START by sliding the barrel band forward and removing the stock and handguard.
  • Pull the operating rod back and lock it in the rear position.
  • It is not necessary to remove any other parts for this installation.
  • Open the hardware package and lay out the contents.
  • Place the Mount Body upside down on a flat and sturdy table or bench surface.
  • Insert the Barrel Key (the long, narrow piece of aluminum) into the matching recess on the inside of the Mount Body. The Barrel Key will cover the set screw holes in the recess inside of the Mount Body. (figure 1)
  • Place the rifle top side down into the Mount Body. Push the Mount Body to the rear so it bears firmly against the Carbine’s receiver. (figure 2)
    carbine figure 2
  • Insert the Barrel Clamp over the rifle barrel so it will fit completely down into the matching recess of the Mount Body while the rifle is resting firmly in place.
  • Start the hex head cap screws through the holes in the Barrel Clamp and into the Mount Body. Adding a drop of medium strength thread sealer to each screw is a good idea. Then tighten the cap screws with the hex wrench provided until they just barely touch the Barrel Clamp. (figure 3)
  • Turn the rifle with the Mount Body attached over to the upright position on a level surface.
  • Using a small level or your calibrated eyeball, align the top of the Mount Body so it is square with the top of the receiver. Looking through the sights will help get the alignment correct.
  • When aligned, turn the whole assembly over and tighten each of the cap screws alternating in a criss-cross pattern to evenly secure the Barrel Clamp. All screws on the Barrel Clamp must be firmly seated down against the Mount Body.
  • Turn the assembly over and check to ensure the Mount Body is still aligned properly. (figure 4)
  • With the rifle and Mount Body attached in the upright position, ensure that the Mount Body is still back firmly against the receiver.
  • Use the hex wrench to install the set screws through the top of the Mount Body then snug down each one a little at a time, alternating between screws. The set screws should be evenly snug. (figure 5)
  • Replace the stock and barrel band. Tighten the barrel band snugly. (figure 6)
  • Cycle the operating rod several times to ensure that it functions properly and clears the Mount Body.
  • When you look through the open sights, the top of the Mount Body will form a horizontal plane and the sights will be visible through the sight channel.
carbine install